Three Elements of Health

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Grade - High School

Goal - At the end of class the students will be able to define term health and provide examples for each element of health.


  • Define term health
  • Provide one example for each element of health
  • Execute Activstudio exercises on the interactive whiteboard

Learning Tasks - Begin the lesson by asking your students how are they doing? Explain that when person is asking that question – there are three elements of health that are being questioned. They are - mental, social, and physical. Ok – more about them later.

Continue on with three words to know for this lesson.

Health – is your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Lifestyle factors – are personal behaviors and habits related to the way person lives.

Health education – is the providing of accurate info for healthy living.

Then – have your students complete the blanks with the appropriate terms into the appropriate definitions.

Next slide is about three elements of health.

  • Physical
    1. ability to cope with stress
    2. having strength and energy
    3. regular physical activity
    4. having enough rest and sleep

  • Mental
    1. feelings about yourself
    2. thinking skills
    3. ability to enjoy learning
    4. avoiding negative thoughts

  • Social
    1. getting along with others
    2. making and keeping friends
    3. providing supports
    4. showing respect

After you have presented examples for each element of health – have one student at the time come to the interactive whiteboard and classify examples under correct element of health. I’m sure that they did a great job!

In the next slide present seven lifestyle factors and keep three elements of health healthy.

  1. Seven to eight hours of sleep
  2. Eat nutritious foods
  3. Refrain from smoking
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Exercise 30 minutes three times a week
  6. Do not use alcohol or drugs
  7. Maintain you healthy weight

It is important to get 7-8 hours of sleep because your body needs to rest and that’s when your skin is being rebuild.

During teenage years it is essential to eat nutritious food – so that when you are adult you can have strong bones, healthy skin, and healthy body.

Smoking, alcohol, and drugs have very negative effects on the human body. It causes cancer of the liver, cancer of the lungs, clogs the arteries, causes cirrhosis, and causes addiction.

Eating breakfast is important because that is how you get your energy for the whole day ahead of you.

Exercising is a must. It gives you strength, endurance, and healthy lean body.

Maintaining your healthy weight is crucially important so that we do not put strain on the heart.

Conclusion - To summarize this lesson – say that - “This is Health Education.”

It makes you Health literate! It teaches you to make responsible decisions and behaviors.

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