Teeth Lesson - Easy Tips for Healthy Teeth



GOAL - From this teeth lesson the students will learn seven parts of the tooth and ways to have healthy teeth.


  • Name seven parts of the tooth
  • Understand the importance of having healthy teeth and what it does for your every day life
  • Describe healthy behaviors to promote healthy teeth

LEARNING TASKS - Begin your lesson with DO NOW question on the board. "How does your teeth help you?"

Here are some key ideas that you should hear from your students -
  • It helps you chew food
  • It helps you talk
  • It gives shape to your face
  • It gives you a nice smile
  • It allows you to whistle

Tremendous work! Let's keep going.

Continue with presenting words to know for this teeth lesson -

  • Plaque
  • - is a sticky film created by bacteria
  • Tartar
  • - plaque that is not removed will turn in to hard material
  • Cavity
  • - is a hole in the tooth
  • Fluoride
  • - a substance that fights tooth decay
At this time you can call out on the student and make sure that they understand these words.

As I mentioned before - you will be presenting this lesson with old fashion technique by using overhead projector.

I will provide you with two fill in worksheets and their answers key. Use these worksheet to copy on the transparency film.

Worksheet 1 - Tooth structure fill in worksheet and answers key Worksheet 2 - Tooth decay fill in worksheet and answers key Worksheet 3 - Teeth lesson questions worksheet Display picture of the tooth.

Discuss seven parts of the tooth -
  • Crown
  • - is the part of the tooth that you can see in your mouth
  • Neck
  • - is the area between the crown and the root
  • Root
  • - it anchors the tooth in your gum
  • Enamel
  • - it covers the crown of the tooth
  • Dentin
  • - the material that surrounds the pulp
  • Pulp
  • - is the area containing nerves and blood vessels
  • Root canal
  • - is the path for nerves and blood vessels

At this time - have your students complete parts of the tooth worksheet independently. Review it with them.

Display three stages of tooth decay -

  1. Plaque combines with sugar to form an acid
  2. Acid causes cavity
  3. When the cavity reaches the pulp - you get a toothache
Let your students complete the empty blank of tooth decay worksheet and make sure that they are correct.

Ask your students - What harms the teeth? It's food and bacteria - and if proper steps are not taken - it will lead to tooth decay.

So - what can you do to avoid tooth decay?

  • Regular brushing
  • - it will remove plaque from your teeth and your mouth
  • Flossing
  • - it will remove hard to reach food between your teeth
  • Eating right
  • - nutritious food will keep your inner part of the tooth healthy
  • Visiting the dentist
  • - in case any cavities appear despite careful brushing and flossing - the dentist will fill them in

CONCLUSION - What are seven parts of the tooth? What do teeth do for you? Describe three stages of tooth decay? Describe four ways to keep your teeth healthy?

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