Teenagers and Sex

I think this is the most important page of my website. This page is titled Teenagers and Sex. It is very important that sex knowledge is present in teenager’s mind. Young people need to know all the consequences that sex carries. Many of them do not know the consequences and they suffer later with many parenthood challenges. As a result, young parents drop out from school, start work if time permits, and care for a newborn baby while he or she is still a child too.

So, it’s important to learn female's and male's reproductive system. It will provide students with basic knowledge about sex organs. It will describe functions and important key factors that will prevent teenage girls from getting pregnant.

Abstinence is another very important factor in sex education. Abstinence can save many troubles for the young adults. Just to name a few: unplanned pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

To sum up, this page is designed to present Interactive Whiteboard Lessons about sex education for teens. They can be viewed and read online or presented to the Health class on the Promethean Board.

Female's Reproductive System Lesson

This lesson will teach your students basic internal and external sex organs of the female. It presents the functions, care, and prevention techniques. In addition, this lesson includes fill in worksheet for the students.

Functions of Male Reproductive System

What are the functions of male reproductive system? What are the main internal and external male sex organs? What needs to be done to keep the system healthy? The lesson contains labeling exercises.

Is It Ok to Masturbate Lesson

Is it ok to masturbate lesson teaches teenagers that masturbation is a normal behavior. It teaches its definition and appropriate and inappropriate places to do it.

What is sex? Consequences of sex!

What is sex lesson is the lesson that teaches about sex consequences and its definition.

Boys and Girls Puberty Changes Lesson

Teach your students about puberty changes. Make them knowledgeable and aware of what their bodies are capable of.

Where Do Babies Come From? Pregnancy and Childbirth

How do we get a baby? This is a fun lesson where you talk about male and female reproductive systems and their capabilities. Also, the childbirth process.

Menstrual Cycle and Its Proper Care During the Period

Teach your female students about menstrual cycle and its proper care.

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