Teacher Philosophy Statement about Teacher Portfolio

Welcome to my educational Teacher Portfolio! The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate the various educational, professional achievements and skills that I have acquired over the course of my college career.

In this portfolio you will find my philosophy statement, health lesson plan and physical education lesson plan and its reflections.

Remember - this is my personal portfolio. It serves as an example or a template for other types of educational portfolios.


This page includes my teacher philosophy statement. It explains cognitive and physical benefits of an exercise. It will tell you how to develop life long activity. Most importantly - it describes my personal approach of teaching health and physical education classes.

Teacher philosophy statement


This physical education lesson plan is about lacrosse. It includes teacher and student objectives. It displays time management techniques. It describes introduction, class development exercises and conclusion. I will also include formal student assessment form as well as teaching assessment form.

Physical education lesson plan


This health lesson plan is about first aid during burns. It includes the goal of the lesson, objectives, learning tasks and conclusion. Also - this lesson will explain group technique that involves every student in researching important information.

Health lesson plan


On this page you will find three examples of the bulletin boards. One board is displaying different professional organizations that support healthy lifestyles through high quality programs.

Second - is soccer bulletin board. It shows different pictures of the most famous soccer players and indicates important standard situations of the game.

Third - is the volleyball bulletin board. It describes basic techniques that you need to be successful in this sport.

Soccer bulletin board - Professional development - Volleyball bulletin board

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