Healthy Skin Lesson - Importance of Washing Hair and Brushing Hair



GOAL - In this skin lesson the students will learn about important functions and ways to keep skin and hair healthy.


  • Name three functions of the skin
  • Understand the importance of washing hair and brushing hair
  • Describe healthy behaviors to promote health of the skin and hair
LEARNING TASKS - Begin your lesson with DO NOW question on the board. "What is the function of the skin?" Give your students a couple of minutes to write their thoughts down and share it with the class later. Hopefully - one of your students will say to you that the skin protects against germs. Accept other related answers.

Before I begin - here is the power point presentation about skin lesson.

Skin lesson presentation

When you are ready to begin the skin lesson presentation - distribute the worksheet related to the presentation so that the students can follow along with presentation and answer the questions.

Healthy skin and hair worksheet Here it goes. Let's begin with words to know.
  • Dermis
  • - is the inner layer of the skin
  • Epidermis
  • - is the outer layer of the skin
  • Melanin
  • - are the cells that give color to the skin
Make sure that the students understand these terms and now move on to the functions. Repeat some of the functions that your students mentioned before and now add some new -
  • It protects you from germs
  • - the skin acts as a barrier from different diseases and germs.
  • It controls body temperature
  • - certain structures inside the dermis control body temperature.
  • It is a shield against water
  • - the skin prevents water and other objects from entering the body freely.
  • It allows you to feel temperature - pressure - and pain
  • - the nerve endings in the skin allow you to have these sensations.
So - the outer layer of the skin is the epidermis. Once we get inside the skin - we start seeing different structures that help our body function properly -
  • Sweat glands
  • - they allow sweat to escape through pores out on the surface of the epidermis. This way our body is being cooled down. Warm sweat comes out and cools down on top of the skin by making us feel cooler.
  • Melanin
  • - is found in the epidermis. It gives color to the skin. When person has many visible freckles - that's melanin.
  • Blood vessels
  • - hair roots - nerve endings - the dermis serves as the location area for all of these structures.
  • Oil glands
  • - they keep your skin soft and waterproof.

Now we know what's inside our skin - let's find out how to keep our skin clean and healthy -
  • Keep your skin clean
  • - regular showers will keep the skin clean and smell free. Especially regular showering is important during teenage years. When you sweat - your sweat feeds bacteria on top of you epidermis. If you don't take showers - that bacteria will start to smell. Also - this time is perfect for wearing a deodorant.
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • - no matter how tanned you want to be - you have to put sun block lotion. It is very important because skin cancer is very common these days.
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • - nutritious food is important because it contains important minerals and vitamins that make your skin healthy and soft.
  • Get enough exercise and sleep
  • - regular exercise is also important because it gives your skin the shine. However - sleep is the most important because during the sleep is when you get new skin cells.

Sometimes - no matter what you do - health problems occur. In this skin lesson obviously I'm talking about skin disease. That is acne. Acne is the condition caused by overly active oil glands. They are extremely active during puberty years and cause teenagers to have pimples and zits. This is common. Usually after puberty acne disappears.

However - if it continues then the person with acne needs to see a doctor. That doctor is called a dermatologist. A dermatologist is the skin doctor who treats skin disorders.

Also - in this lesson I'm talking about healthy hair. This is easy. All you need to do is to wash hair often and brush hair regularly.
  • Washing
  • - use a shampoo during shower to clean your hair. Let it dry on its own to prevent split ends.
  • Brushing
  • - brushing hair at least once a day helps to spread natural oil down the hair shaft to have natural silky shine.
If the person does not wash or brush hair there will be consequences.

One of the consequences is dandruff. It's flaking of outer layer of the skin. It's caused by dry scalp. To avoid dandruff - regular hair washing would help for sure.

Sometimes - itchy scalp is caused by lice. A small insects that live in the hair and multiply rapidly. This is usually caused by sharing hats - pillows from the person who has lice.

CONCLUSION What are the two basic structure of the skin? Summarize four health behaviors that promote healthy skin and hair.

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