Physical Education Lesson Plan

Physical Education Lesson Plan

Grade - 10

Number of students - 24

Unit - Lacrosse

Focus of this physical education lesson plan - proper cradling, throwing/catching, ground balls, shooting on the run with defense and without.

Safety considerations - work space will be free and clear of all obstacles.

Equipment needed - 26 lacrosse sticks, 24 balls, 16 cones, 2 lacrosse goals.

Pre-Assessment - the students are going to have to listen to the teacher's directions and for the technique of the skills. Also - watch for demonstration being done by the teacher.

Student objectives -

  1. The students will be able to correctly identify critical components of cradling, throwing/catching, dealing with ground balls and shooting on the run when asked by the teacher
  2. The students will be able to demonstrate proper technique of cradling, throwing/catching, ground balls and shooting on the run in the assigned area
  3. The students will be able to show good discipline and patience for other students during the drills throughout the whole class

Teacher objectives -

  1. The teacher will explain the critical components of cradling, throwing/catching, ground balls and shooting on the run to the students
  2. The teacher will make sure that all students are performing the drills with the proper technique in the space provided
  3. The teacher will keep the class under control at all times so that time can be used sufficiently without interruptions

Learning tasks for this physical education lesson plan -

  1. 0 - 5 min. The students are coming into the gymnasium and sit in their previously assigned spots on the floor. Divide class into four even groups
  2. 5 - 12 min. Introductions of the physical education lesson plan. Lacrosse - cradling - throwing - catching - ground balls - shooting on the run
  3. Warm up - the students are standing in two lines. They will be doing the warm up drills between cones which are 10 - 15 yards apart.

    • slow jog
    • side shuffle
    • high knees
    • kick backs
    • skip with large arm circles
    • run backward
    • sprint forward and back

    Equipment distribution - the students getting the sticks and balls - one group at the time and returning to their spots

    Physical education lesson development -

  4. 12- 14 min. First drill - Standing stationary. The teacher will demonstrate how to cradle the stick with the right technique. Everyone will cradle for two minutes
  5. 14 -17 min. Second drill - Two groups are standing across from each other about 10 - 15 yards away. Only one ball is being used in this drill for two groups. First player in line has the ball - runs a couple of steps with the ball and pass it to the other member of the group. The student that just threw the ball goes on the back of the line of the other group. The drill continues until the groups get to initial position
  6. 17 -20 min. Third drill - Ground balls. Same movement of the students as in the second drill except the ball is travelling on the ground
  7. 20 - 24 min. Fourth drill - Goals are standing in front of groups 1 and 3. Groups 1 and 3 become defensive teams and group 2 and 4 become offensive teams. One player from group 2 and 4 runs toward the goal with the stick and the ball while one of the defensive players stands on his way still. Everyone goes three times - then groups switch positions. Another variation is to make the defensive player move and try to defend against offense
  8. 24 - 40 min. Fifth drill - Game time. Divide the class into two teams. Let two teams play the lacrosse game and the teacher will be the referee
  9. 40 - 42 min. Closure - Demonstrate proper cradling. Explain proper technique of handling the stick
Skill cues -
  • Good coordination on side shuffling
  • Awesome - very quick knees
  • That was super fast
  • Good job cradling
  • Awesome - that was proper movement
  • Great pass
  • Great catch
  • Nice shot
  • Good defending
Behavioural cues -
  • Thank you for walking in quietly
  • Great job listening to the introduction
  • Good job staying in your groups
  • Great discipline when picking up the sticks
  • Good job remembering going on the back of the line
Formal student assessment form

Teaching assessment form

Reflection about physical education lesson plan

I decided to include my lacrosse lesson into my portfolio. The reason for that is that I have never played this sport before and I had to teach it. I had no idea how to hold the stick right - how to make passes - receive the ball - shoot it. I have put myself against the wall. However - I did a great deal of research. I found out the rules of the game - all the needed terms - and even went to see the high school lacrosse team practice outside by my building.

It was my first time ever teaching physical education lesson plan that I was not familiar with. It sure gave me a challenge - but with a good preparation and organized lesson plan - I did very well teaching the skills listed in my lesson plan.

Another reason why I decided to include this lesson plan into the portfolio is to show that I have the knowledge of using technology. As well as knowing how to put the complete lesson plan together - writing the students' and teachers' objectives under certain standards. Other cognitive aspects that I have developed are - the knowledge of exercises and putting them in the right sequence so that the skills are developed progressively. Time management for each exercise. The ability to develop formal student assessment form as well as teaching assessment form.

Creating this lesson plan improved my skills as the teacher - thus the students will be able to benefit - because my future lessons will be well organized and well managed.

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