Importance of physical activity and use of FITT Principle to create a workout


GRADE - 11

GOAL - The students will learn the benefits of physical activity and will be able to use FITT Principle to create fun and effective workout.


  • List factors that influence physical activity
  • Name at least three benefits of the exercise
  • Use FITT Principle in creating a personal workout
  • LEARNING TASKS - Write down DO NOW question on the board. "List your five favorite physical activities. Why are they your favorite?" Have your students share their thoughts. Awesome job.

    SUGGESTION FOR YOU - You can do this both ways.

    First way - use the blank stretch book template and put in the information yourself. Print the pages out and have your students cut and put the stretch book together. Stretch book template

    Second way - reserve a computer lab or laptop cart for your class. Have the stretch book template ready for the students on the desktop or laptop. Let your students research on the importance of physical activity and FITT Principle. Once they did it - have your students fill in the stretch book - print it out and put it together.

    I will provide you with information about importance of exercise and workout principle.

    So - why exercise? Because it has many benefits to your body -

    • It reduces stress
    • It makes bones and muscles stronger
    • It helps weight control
    • It improves blood pressure
    • It makes you look and feel better
    • It reduces risk of many deadly diseases
    • It provides fun and enjoyable activities

    However, there are factors that influence people's exercise. Person's age, heredity, community and level of current physical activity. For example - a person lives in the town or village where there are limited sidewalks in the community. That person might be afraid of running on the road because a car may hit her/him.

    Plan your exercise with a specific goal and consistency - it will improve your health and you will like how you look.

    Ask your students "Do you still want to sit at home and be a couch potato? Get up and move - be healthy - look good."

    Here are some advices how you can start your workouts -
    1. Get an OK from a doctor
    2. Create your workout. Start slowly
    3. Create a diet
    4. Warm up before actual workout
    5. Stretch
    6. Have a good posture during exercising
    7. Stay in your target heart rate zone
    8. Cool down
    Not all people are athletic. When they start exercising they may over train or their body is not used to exercising and it may cause some negative effects. In this situation - slow down or sit down and relax. Don't train for a couple of days - if the same happens again - see a doctor.

    Ask your students to tell you which physical activities they enjoy the most and you can write them on the board. These might be their answers -

    • Walking
    • Jogging
    • Running
    • Karate
    • Skiing
    • Swimming
    • Soccer
    • Hiking
    • Weight training
    But how do you know how many times a week and how long do you need to train? That's when FITT Principal comes into work.
    1. Frequency - how often
    2. Intensity- how hard
    3. Time- how long
    4. Type- kind of exercise
    It's very easy. But here is more help.

    It is recommended to exercise two or three times a week, but if you are an athlete exercising daily on a different muscle groups - it will be beneficial. But be sure to find time to rest too.

    For intensity - 50% out of 100% is ideal. However, it varies - because if you are an athlete and you play one particular sport you're going to need to get into specifics with your needed skill.

    30-60 minutes will be pretty good if you stick to your goal and stay consistent.

    Choose your activities which you are enjoying the most. Or which sport makes you dream to become a professional athlete. Most people enjoy running, walking or riding a bike. Other people enjoy lifting weights - so that your muscles would get stronger and bigger.

    At this time - when your students have completed the stretch book - let them complete the worksheet that you will distribute to them now. You will find this worksheet at the bottom of this page.

    In conclusion - review the worksheet and be sure to go over the benefits of an exercise and what should students use when they want to create a workout.

    Here is the worksheet as I promised! Importance of physical activity worksheet

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