Organs of Digestive System - Labeling Exercises

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GRADE - 11

GOAL - At the end of this class the students will know locations of the organs of digestive and excretory systems.


  • identify 8 organs of digestive system
  • identify main organs of excretory system
  • name the correct order of digestive process

LEARNING TASKS - Use this lesson in combination with Digestive and Excretory Systems Lesson Plan

Start this presentation with the Digestive Process. This process consists of seven steps and it involves two body systems to digest food and get rid of waste.

  1. Chewing
  2. Saliva breaks down food
  3. Epiglottis blocks the trachea
  4. Muscles push the food down
  5. Food mixes with acid
  6. Digestion and absorption of nutrients
  7. Waste enters the colon

In the next exercise - the students will label digestive system with organs in appropriate places by touching the SmartBoard with their fingers.

  • Salivary glands - they produce saliva
  • Esophagus - is the muscular tube that connects mouth to the stomach
  • Stomach - is the muscular organ where food is mixed with acid
  • Colon - is the large intestine
  • Small intestine- is the organ where absorption occurs
  • Pancreas - it produces juices for digestion
  • Gallbladder - is the storage for bile - bile helps to digest fat
  • Liver - it destroys toxins and produces bile

In the last exercise you will present the picture of the excretory system. The students will label excretory system with correct organs by using their tactile senses.

  • Kidneys - they filter blood
  • Bladder - urine is stored in the bladder - then removed from the body

This SmartBoard lesson could be used with the Digestive System Lesson or it could be used by itself. If you decide to use it by itself - have each student from your class come to the SmartBoard and do the exercise correctly.

CONCLUSION - Describe digestive process. Name five organs of the digestive system and their function.

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