Middle School Health Curriculum

I am happy to present Middle School Health Curriculum on my website, despite all the current concerns and lack of low cost health insurance . The curriculum is designed for the middle school Health classes and has these prerequisites:

  • Students have to have taken health lessons in elementary school.
  • Students have to know basic difference between healthy and unhealthy food.
  • Students have to know basic ways to avoid infectious diseases.
  • Students have to know the importance of exercise.
  • Students have to know basic body functions.
  • Students have to know the difference between drugs and medicine.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose describes why the curriculum design is necessary and how the design will meet the needs of the learner and society and for knowledge. It provides compelling evidence that the curriculum has solid conceptual, theoretical and empirical base.

Health Concept Map

Health curriculum has a concept map. The concept map for each of the major areas identified, based on major concepts, skills, attitudes, and beliefs referenced in the statement of purpose.

Units and Unit Outcomes

Next are units and unit outcomes. They provide the major concepts, sub concepts, and coordinate concepts identified on the concept map.

Sequencing Rationale

Sequencing rationale includes an organizational scheme. It includes a one- or two-page sequencing rationale that describes the sequence selected. In addition, it shows how the curriculum will follow that sequence.

Evaluation Strategy

The design structure will be evaluated from a formative and summative perspective. So, here I am providing an evaluation strategy to ensure that the curriculum design components actually enable learners to meet the outcomes identified.

Instructional Design

In the instructional design you will find pre and post assessments for one of the units of this Health Curriculum. Also, it includes six nutrition lessons that will capture students’ attention and will prove to show teacher’s effectiveness as a professional.


Sample Lessons:

  1. Essential Nutrients
  2. MyPyramid
  3. Following Dietary Guidelines
  4. Understanding and Reading Food Labels
  5. Healthy Food Poster
  6. Diet Evaluation of Healthy Diet Posters
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