Hygiene Lessons: Creating Hygiene Habits

Hygiene lessons page emphasizes the importance of personal care. Each lesson that will be posted on this page will explain that it’s important to stay clean, fresh, and neat. It helps to keep germs away that will prevent many diseases. Staying fresh and neat will help the person to be socially acceptable in any life situation.

These lessons are crucial to be taught to students at their young age. Kindergartners will be perfect audience to input healthy habits at the early age. Some of the other lessons will be more suitable for middle school students that are going thought body changes caused by puberty.

The main idea of each lesson is to embed a specific hygiene habit so that each student can practice it for life.

Hygiene Products Lesson

In this lesson a teacher will present few hygiene products and their proper use for personal care.

Brushing Teeth Lesson

Brushing teeth lesson teaches students the importance of healthy teeth and sequence of teeth brushing.

Washing Hair Lesson

Shampooing hair lesson is the lesson where your students will learn about why it’s important to wash hair.

Face Shaving Lesson

This face shaving lesson plan is for boys to learn what is required for shaving and its sequence.

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