Your Human Body Parts Lesson

The objective of the human body parts lesson is to help children name and identify various areas of the body. Inform the students that the topic of this class is “Body Parts”. Tell them that in this class they will learn the names of their body parts, and they will learn to identify them.

In the first part or opening of this class, carry out a warm-up activity with the students. The duration of this activity will be 15 minutes. Carry out the activity to help them recall their previous knowledge about body parts. Ask them to perform various activities that use their body parts. Such as:

  • blink their eyes
  • clap their hands
  • rotate their neck
  • twist their back
  • shake their arms
  • kick their feet

By observing the activity of the children, the students will perform the activity as directed. Correct them if they are doing the activity incorrectly or using the incorrect body part.

Now move to the second part of this classroom session, which is the main activity. This part should take up to 20 minutes of time. After the students complete this activity, tell them to settle down. Inform them that they have just performed various types of movements using their body parts. Inform them that now they will learn to name and identify their body parts. Now draw an outline of human body on the class board or Promethean Board and label all major parts of the human body. Include all major parts such as head, hair, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, teeth, ears, neck, chest, stomach, arms, elbow, hands, fingers, fingernails, shoulders, back, thighs, legs, foot, toe, toenail, and so on. Or label with less body parts, depending on the cognitive level of your students.

Human Body Parts

In case you are not comfortable drawing diagram on a board, use a chart that labels all the given body parts. Make sure that you speak each part aloud so that children could identify well. As you speak the labels, make children repeat the word after you. Before finishing this exercise, make sure that the names of all important body parts have been covered.

Another fun and dynamic activity that you can do with the students is to play Simon Says game with sound of energetic music.

Now proceed to the last part of the class. This summarizing part will take 5 minutes. Summarize the class by telling students that in this class they have identified and learnt the names of their body parts. Discuss the home work with the students. In their home work, you can give them any interesting task such as "Draw the pictures of any five body parts."

Download study guide worksheet for this lesson.

Labeled Human Body Parts Worksheet

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