Health Unit Lessons

This page is called health unit lessons. It will be filled with unit lessons that I do throughout my school year of Health education. These lessons will be appropriate for high school students. They are also appropriate for students with special needs.

This unit lesson page will include topics such as wellness, nutrition, physical activity, body systems, sex education, drugs and diseases. Each unit will consist of multiple lessons. In every lesson you will find a link for ActivInspire lesson. This lesson will be available for you to download. Also, each lesson will include a link for a worksheet that will be available for you to print and use it in your classroom.

If you find that the worksheet is not appropriate for your class, then you can use them as an idea and modify for your students and class.

What is Health Unit

  1. Three Elements of Health Lesson
  2. Health Risk Factors Lesson
Nutrition Unit

  1. Dietary Rules Lesson
  2. Benefits of Nutrients Lesson
  3. Healthy Snacks Project Lesson
Fitness Unit

  1. Health Related Fitness Lesson
  2. Skill Related Fitness Lesson
  3. Workout Exercises Lesson

Body System Unit

  1. Body System Lesson

  2. Nervous System Lesson

  3. Circulatory System Lesson

  4. Muscular and Skeletal Systems Lesson

  5. Digestive and Excretory Systems Lesson

  6. Function of Urinary System Lesson

  7. Integumentary System Lesson

  8. Endocrine System Lesson

Effects of Drugs Unit

  1. Effects of Smoking Lesson

  2. Danger of Alcohol Lesson

  3. Alcohol Myths and Alcohol Facts Lesson

Diseases Unit

  1. Cancer Lesson Plan

  2. Lifestyle Diseases Lesson

  3. How Do Germs Spread Lesson

Family Life Unit

  1. Dating Lesson

  2. Marriage Lesson

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