Hatching Egg Lesson


GOAL - In this hatching egg lesson students will learn about incubation period and ways to take care for an eggs and chicks.


  • name two adult chickens
  • tell how many days it takes for an egg to hatch
  • match right and wrong care behaviors for eggs or chicks
LEARNING TASKS - I present this lesson plan on the poster board paper.

I begin this lesson by explaining adult chickens. Rooster is the male chicken that makes very loud noises and can be very aggressive. Hen is the female chicken that gives natural warmth for eggs to hatch. Once eggs are hatched - chicks are born into this world.

Many predators are hunting for chickens. For example - owls - hawks and even people are falling in to that category.

The eggs are coming in different sizes and in different colors. Some are bigger - some are smaller. One egg is white and the other egg is pale brown.

There are two ways for a hatching egg to deliver a chick. One is natural heat - hen warmth. Second is artificial heat - incubator.

Explain that incubator gives artificial heat. When you did that. Have one of your students practice tracing or writing word incubator.

Explain that hen gives natural heat. Then - have one of your students practice tracing or writing word hen on the board.

Teach your students that you need thermometer to know the temperature inside the incubator. Once the incubator is opened - the temperature will drop. Have your students practice writing or tracing words thermometer - 101.5 F - drop.

This exercise your students will enjoy very much! It's incubation period - which takes 21 days for an egg to hatch.

Here is how I did this exercise - I have seven students in my kindergarten class. I cut out each day from the picture. I gave three consecutive days to one student. I also have 21 numbered circles on my board. So - I have all my seven students come to the board one by one and glue days in order - that way they complete 21 days of incubation period. They enjoyed it.

Next exercise is very interactive too. This exercise will teach your students how to care for an egg or a chick. First I explain right ways for caring of an egg or a chick and also explain wrong ways. Then I distribute right and wrong ways of caring of an egg or a chick to the students. On the board there are two columns - right way and the wrong way. Each student has to read his/her way of caring and match it in to the right column. Use glue to attach the picture.

CONCLUSION Name two adult chickens? What is incubator? What is thermometer? How many days it takes for an egg to hatch? What is one right behavior to care for an egg or a chick?

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