Function of Male Reproductive System

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This is an essential lesson about the function of male reproductive system. I begin the lesson by presenting the term words:

  • Testosterone – is the male sex hormone.
  • Sperm – is the male reproductive cells.
  • Testes – are the glands that produce sperm and testosterone.
  • Semen –is a thick fluid containing sperm and other secretions.
  • Fertilization – is the union of egg cell and sperm.
  • Circumcision – is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis.

After I have presented these words to my students, I have them fill in the blanks on page 4 and 5 of the presentation. Then, I show the picture of the male reproductive system and discuss all the important outer and inner organs.

Here are the functions of male reproductive system:

  • Testes produce testosterone
  • Production of sperm
  • Transfer of sperm to the female body

There are two main external organs.

  • Penis – is external male reproductive organ
  • Testes – are the glands that produce sperm and testosterone

Testes hang outside the body called scrotum. The function of scrotum is to keep sperm temperature slightly below normal 98. 6F.

The students might have questions about erection. The erections occur when clothing is touching the penis. Most common is when man is sexually aroused. Also, when a boy or a man is having nocturnal emission (wet dream). How it happens? It happens due to increased blood flow to the penis.

When showing the picture of the male reproductive system, discuss the following internal organs:

  • Epididymis – where sperm matures
  • Vas deferens – are connecting tubes
  • Seminal vesicles – are producing fluid
  • Prostate gland – it surrounds urethra
  • Cowper’s gland – it neutralizes the acid

Page 11 of the presentation has the picture of male reproductive system. The exercise here is to label all organs in the correct locations.

This is the main section of my lessons. Care of the male reproductive system. Here are three important concepts:

  • Cleanliness– it is very important to wash underneath the foreskin to keep the penis clean and avoid any infection.
  • Protection – it is essential to wear a protector during sport events where there is possibility of damaging the sexual organs of the male reproductive system.
  • Self-examination of testes– it is very crucial to develop this into a habit. Man should be checking for lumps, thickenings, change in size, and texture of testes.

If any of these are noticed, you should immediately contact the doctor!

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