Understanding and Reading Food Labels

Standards: NJCCS 2.1. Wellness


  • Students will be able to understand a food labels.
  • Students will explain how to compare the nutritional value and unit price of foods.
  • Students will be able to explain ways to prevent foodborne illness.


  • Packages, bottles, and boxes with nutrition facts label.
  • Reading nutrition facts worksheet.


  • Reading nutrition facts labels.
  • Properly storing food.


Introductory Activity: In the grocery sack at the front of the class is an ordinary can of corn. List five items of information that are printed on the can’s label.

Developmental Activity: Present basic terms on the nutrition facts label. Students will record definitions on their worksheets.

Divide the class in small groups. Each group will receive nutrition facts label and a sheet with questions. Each group will answer the questions and present it to the class, while their nutrition facts label will be displayed on the board.

Divide the class into two teams. Another nutrition facts label will be given with nutrient information to each team. Have one team call out a nutrient listed on a package. In 15 seconds, the other team must name one function and one food source of the nutrient to receive one point. The first team to reach 20 points wins.

Concluding Activity: Why do you think that nutrition facts label isn’t usually the most noticeable elements of food packages?Why shouldn’t you buy food with a torn package?What is serving size?

What is serving per container?What is a calorie?


For homework, student will receive two nutrition facts labels. They will calculate amount of calories for each nutrition facts label. They will analyze two food labels and be able to tell which one is healthier.

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