Five Senses Lesson: Hear, See, Smell, Taste, and Feel

The aim of five senses lesson is to enable students identify and understand the functions of the five sense organs. As you start the class, inform the students that they will learn about their sense organs in this class.

Start the class with an interesting warm up activity. This activity could take place for about 20 minutes. In the activity, divide the class in two groups. In the first group, ask the children to close their eyes. You can use a blindfold if you like.

In the second group, ask the students to close the ears with their fingers or with ear buds. When the students close their eyes/ears, ask them to share how they feel. To prevent noise, you could choose 3-4 volunteers to speak and then ask other students if they agree with them. Drive the class to response that if they close their eyes, they will not be able to see anything; and similarly if they close their ears, they will not be able to hear anything.

Now, come to the main teaching part of the class. Here share information about the five sense organs. This part will take about 20 minutes. Tell the students that when their eyes/ears were closed, they were not able to perceive/know/sense what was happening around them. Tell them that sense organs connect us with our environment and let us know what is happening around us.

  • Eyes help us see things around us.
  • Ears help us hear voices around us.
  • Nose helps us to smell.
  • Skin helps us perceive touch.
  • Tongue helps us to taste.

Tell the students that if they scratch the edge of their pencils against their hand, they will feel it because skin is a sense organ. We are able to identify and understand the differences between sweet candy, salty pizza, and sour sauce because tongue is a sense organ. If we close our nose, we will not be able to smell good or bad smells, which also provide us idea about our surroundings.

Now, move to the last part of the class, the summary part. Show a chart related to sense organs to the students and summarize the discussion with them.

Five Senses

Download study guide worksheet for this lesson.

Sense Organs Lesson Worksheet

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