Fitness Lesson Plans

These fitness lesson plans are designed in such a way so that students can learn all the benefits of exercise towards their physical, mental, and social well-being. Hopefully, teachers will find this material easy to teach to their students so that students can grasp this information with fun and dynamic way. Also, the biggest emphasis for teachers are to portray this information so that student can like these ideas and hopefully develop life long physical activity due to learned material.

Lesson #1 - Components of Fitness

In one of these fitness lesson plans you will teach your students about five parts of the physical activity. They are cardiovascular, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength and body fat.

Also, you will present six skills-related components. They are agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed.

Components of Fitness

Lesson #2 - Importance of Physical Activity

This lesson will show your students seven factors that influence their physical stamina and introduce many benefits of being physically active.

Importance of Physical Activity Lesson Plan

Lesson #3 - Exercise Safety

First this lesson focuses on creating a cascading book. Then you will see important information about preventing injuries. It explains R.I.C.E. formula and also tells your students what to do in life-threatening emergency.

Exercise Safety Lesson Plan

Lesson #4 - Body Types

This lesson plan will teach your students about three body types. They are endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorph. Also - your students will learn some tips on how to stay healthy when someone has one of those body types.

Body Types Lesson Plan

Lesson #5 - Karvonen Formula

This is an interesting lesson plan where your students will figure out their target heart rate zone by using Karvonen formula.

Karvonen Formula Lesson Plan

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Comment: "I am excited to have finally found your site! I was just asked to teach this class to grades 6-12 and most units I found were for k-5. Could this unit be emailed to me so I could teach it? It is a wonderful unit! Thank you for putting this information out!"