Feelings Lesson Plan



GOAL - In this feelings lesson plan the students will learn ten different feelings and will be able to use them for class exercises.


  • name ten different feelings
  • choose the right feeling when asked during the exercise
  • complete feelings worksheet

LEARNING TASKS - Begin your lesson by explaining to the students that we have many feelings. We have both - good and bad. Time to time they may change. If they do change it's ok. We just have to learn how to deal with them.

Continue by presenting ten different feelings:

Proud Emotion Excited Emotion Silly Emotion
Sad Emotion Afraid Emotion Happy Emotion
Angry Emotion Grumpy Emotion Disappointed Emotion
Confused Emotion

Display each feeling to the students as you explain each one and give examples.

Let's read the story about Anna's Soccer Game.

After each little situation - you will give two feelings to your students and one of them is the right one.

Let's read -

  1. Before big soccer game - Anna thinks she's going to play better than the last game.
  2. Does she feel WORRIED or PROUD?

  3. During the game - the ball goes between Anna's legs - and the other team laughs at her.
  4. Does she feel SNEAKY or EMBARRASSED?

  5. "Ok - I had enough" - says Anna " I know how to win this game!"
  6. Does she feel BORED or DETERMINED?

  7. Anna distracts the other team by yelling and making different sounds.
  8. Does she feel SILLY or BORED?

  9. Anna scores the goal.
  10. Does she feel SCARED or EXCITED?

Great job!

Here is another story - Amy's Birthday.

  1. Amy has a big party today because it's her birthday.
  2. Does she feel EXCITED or SAD?

  3. Amy thinks if she is going to listen to her parents today - she is going to get more gifts.
  4. Does she feel SILLY or SNEAKY?

  5. But her mom tells her that none of her friend are going to come.
  6. Does she feel SAD or HAPPY?

  7. But all of her friends jump out from behind the sofa and yell "Happy Birthday!"
  8. Does she feel ANGRY or SURPRISED?

  9. It's Amy's birthday and she had a very long day.
  10. Does she feel TIRED or EMBARRASSED?

That's the way to do it. Good job!

Continue your lesson with the worksheet that I'm providing you with.

Feelings Lesson Plan Worksheet

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