Rules of exercise safety and definition of R.I.C.E. Formula


GRADE - 11

GOAL - The students will learn the rules of exercise safety and will know how to use R.I.C.E. Formula when hurt


  • List four ways of preventing injuries
  • Identify and describe each letter from R.I.C.E. Formula
  • Name proper steps of taking care of a victim who has no pulse

LEARNING TASKS - Before you start talking about exercise safety and R.I.C.E Formula - begin your lesson with DO NOW question. Get your students attention right away. Ask them "What are some common injuries that athletes get when they are playing?" Review your students' answers and reinforce them with excellent work.

First part of this lesson begins with building a cascading book. You have two options.

First - download a blank cascading book template and fill it in with needed information about exercise safety and R.I.C.E. Formula. Then - print it out and have your students cut and staple it together. Cascading book template Second - reserve a computer lab or laptop cart. Make sure that each computer has a blank cascading book template. Have your students research the needed information to complete the cascading book. A blank template will be provided with important headings of the topic.

If you are going to use first or second option - here is the important information about the exercise safety and R.I.C.E. Formula.

Many people have different goals when they are exercising. Some people want to improve their speed. Other people want to lose weight and so on. Nevertheless - nobody wants to be injured during the exercise. So - there are a few steps that need to be followed to prevent injuries -

  • Wear protective equipment
  • Stretch before you exercise
  • Drink plenty of water when you exercise
  • Do not exercise outdoor during thunder and lightening

However - even if you follow these basic rules of exercise safety - you can still get injured. Most common injuries that athletes get are blisters, bruises, strains, sprains, broken bones, cuts and scrapes.

If the injury is not that serious - you can take care of it yourself by applying R.I.C.E. Formula.

  • Rest - after you took care of your injury
  • Ice - 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off- several times a day for a couple of days
  • Compress - wrap injury to prevent swelling
  • Elevate - raise injured area higher above your heart
If you have played soccer and you scraped your knee - here are basic steps to take care of the wound.
  1. Wash the cut with soap
  2. Apply antibiotic ointment
  3. Cover wound with bandage
  4. Change bandage when needed
What if someone that you're exercising with suddenly falls down to the ground and loses conscience. You try to look and feel for vital signs. You feel the breathing but there is no pulse. What do you do?
  1. Assess the situation - what caused your friend to lose conscience?
  2. Position your friend on his or her back
  3. Look - listen - and feel for vital signs
  4. Call 911
  5. Perform CPR
  6. Use AED if equipped
But be sure to tell your students that in order for them to perform CPR or use AED - they need to be certified.

After your students have completed reading the cascading book - distribute the worksheet with the review questions. The worksheet will be provided at the bottom of this page.

Review the worksheet at the end of the class. Make sure that all answers are correct.

Good job everyone!

Here is the worksheet that I've promised you. Exercise safety worksheet

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