Components of fitness and why agility is important for a superstar?


GRADE - 11

GOAL - The students will learn five components of fitness and will be able to recall six skills related components of fitness.


  • Define five components of fitness and understand different ways of improving them
  • Name six skills related components of fitness
  • Complete the worksheet with correct terms in the appropriate blanks
  • LEARNING TASKS - Write down DO NOW question on the board. "What makes an athlete a superstar?" Have your students write their thoughts and later share them with the class. I am sure that you will get some of the components that will be discussed later in this lesson. Good start!

    Distribute GETTING FIT AND HEALTHY worksheet to the students. You will be able to find this worksheet at the bottom of this page.

    Start talking about cardiovascular fitness. Tell your students that it's the ability of the heart and lungs to work efficiently during physical activity. Ask your students to provide some examples of cardiovascular activity. You might hear some of these answers - speed walking, running, swimming, playing soccer. Ask the students how can they improve their cardiovascular fitness? If one of them is correct - great - you've got some knowledgeable students. The correct response should be engaging in non stop activity for at least twenty minutes 2-3 times a week.

    Next component is flexibility. The definition of flexibility is when a person is able to move their joint through the full range of motion. To engage your students - ask them for some stretching exercise examples that will improve flexibility. You might hear - triceps stretch, quads stretch, calves stretch, hamstrings stretch.

    Muscular endurance is the ability of a person to contract the muscle many times without getting tired. Tell the students that the most common exercise to improve muscular endurance is to do high number of sit ups.

    Of course all the boys want to be strong. So - next component is muscular strength. It's when a muscle can produce maximum force to do 1 repetition. Performing 1 repetition of bench press exercise with maximum weight is an example of muscular strength.

    Body fat is the last component. It's the percentage of person's weight made up of fat.

    At this time - the students should be able to do the top part of the worksheet. When they are done - go over it with them. Reinforce them with the super work that they did. Good job!

    Now - six skills related components of fitness. These are the skills that make athletes superstars.

    First skill is agility. It's the ability of someone being able to change body position quickly.

    Second skill is balance. It's the ability of a person to hold certain position while moving or in still position.

    Third skill is coordination. It's the ability to use the right muscle fast and precisely to make desired outcome.

    Fourth skill is power. It's the ability to combine speed and strength to do a strong movement.

    Fifth skill is reaction time. It's how much time it takes for a person to realize that he/she has to move to continue the desired process.

    And the last skill is speed. It's the ability to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

    Now - it's time for the second part of the worksheet. Let the students complete it themselves. As the teacher you should circulate around and monitor who needs help.

    Go over the answers and make sure that they are all correct.

    In conclusion - ask the students to name five parts of the physical fitness. Also - ask what makes an athlete a superstar?

    Here is the promised worksheet!

    Components of fitness worksheet

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