Interrelated Body Systems


GRADE - 11

GOAL - The students will learn seven interrelated body systems and will be able to name one function of each.


  • Define what body system is
  • Name seven groups of organs
  • List one function for each group

LEARNING TASKS - As always - begin your lesson with DO NOW question on the board. "What makes your body move in your physical education class?" Give your students three to four minutes to write their thoughts down and give more time if needed. Have them share their ideas.

Accept your students' answers. Then - get to the point that all your groups of organs are interrelated. One group of organs depends on another. And if one group fails - it will cause problems for other group too.

Body systems are groups of organs that work together to support functions of the body. If functions are working properly - you are healthy and alive.

Present to your students seven systems.


  • Sends and receives messages
  • Controls all body systems
  • Allows you to see, hear, smell, taste, touch


  • Brings food and oxygen to cells
  • Removes waste from cells


  • Carries oxygen to blood
  • Removes carbon dioxide


  • Supports and protects the body


  • Moves the body


  • Breaks down food for energy


  • Removes waste out from the body

In the end of this lesson you should finish with how to keep systems healthy.

Foods that are rich in nutrients will keep all body structures healthy. Nutrition is important to your well being. It rebuilds your body. It gives you energy and it makes your body work properly.

Here is the worksheet for you that you should use when you talk about seven body systems.

Body systems worksheet and crossword

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