Benefits of Being Fit is Healthy

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GOAL - At the end of this class the students will know physical - mental and social benefits.


  • explain what it means to be fit
  • complete SmartBoard exercises about three benefits of exercise
  • describe how they can gain self-confidence


Start the class by presenting definitions of being fit. After explanation - have one of your students come up to the board and drag one statement that describes being fit. Those statements that do not describe definitions of being fit - do not touch.

Next - begin explaining three types of benefits.When you finished discussing each benefit - have some of your students come up to the board and complete the exercises. Have them only drag the benefits of exercise.

In the last part of this SmartBoard lesson you will teach your students how to develop strength - endurance - flexibility - and self-confidence. To test their understanding have one student come to the SmartBoard and execute the exercise correctly.


Name one definition of being fit? Name one physical benefit of the exercise? Name one mental benefit of the exercise? Name one social benefit of the exercise?

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