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Welcome to my health lesson plans website! My name is Bogdan Protas. I am a health teacher. I create many health lesson plans that are effective and easy to teach.

My website is focused on a variety of health topics for high school, middle school and kindergarten classes. In addition these ideas are easily suitable for special education lesson plans.

I will tell you many different techniques of presenting the information to the students. One of the old techniques that I always used is using overhead projector. Create transparencies with content for students’ complete attention on the board. Besides overhead technique there are other ways that work nicely too. Such as using touch white interactive boards. Interactive boards are effective in teaching and engaging students with the material. It enhances visual, auditory, sensory senses of learning.

Experience how students are able to utilize many of their senses during SmartBoard lessons and ActivInspire flipcharts. During presentations students are able to walk up to the SmartBoard or Promethean board and reveal answers or information with their fingers.

I am also committed to help student teachers with Health and Physical Education program. I am providing you with a portfolio example that has been created during my college years.

Of course - every lesson that you will find here - may not work the same way as it did for me. You are aware that every student and every class is different. So - be sure to make needed changes and modifications that will work best for you and for your students. I am sure you will find these lesson very useful and creative for your students.

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Featured Testimonial

Name: Rosa

Date: 10/1/11

Comment: "I am so grateful for finding your website and for you posting your lesson plans. I was hoping that you have all of these lesson in a jump drive or a cd or if you could email them to me. I would be more than happy to pay you for your time and lesson plans. I am teaching health in California to high school students. Thank you again"

Name: David

Date: 9/5/11

Comment: "Just wanted to say that your website is great. This is my first year teaching Health to middle school students (5-8). Please let me know of other sites that could help me as well. Thanks"

Name: Dori

Date: 9/5/11

Comment: "Great site! Been looking for DAYS to find the Karvonen Formula in an "easy to understand" format for my high school students WITH a blank worksheet! Thanks for sharing. Do you happen to have any lesson plans for "walking" classes?"

Name: Carrie

Date: 8/21/11

Comment: "I am excited to have finally found your site! I was just asked to teach this class to grades 6-12 and most units I found were for k-5. Could this unit be emailed to me so I could teach it? It is a wonderful unit! Thank you for putting this information out!"